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The aim of the blog is to look for information and develop an scenario projection of racial riots (due to the burka ban or deportation of muslim youth suspected of terrorism). This model of threat is based on the french riots of october 2005.
The scenario "designed" by the blog wil be the one which will give place to a "private" meeting of three characters. The blog will try to assembly news and opinions to provoke this "riot scenario" where the three chracters must negotiate possibles ways out of the riot menace.

At the beginning of the simulation/improvisation the three characters must held a secret meeting "somewhere in Amsterdam" (The Blue House at Ijburg). In this meeting they will negotiate possibles ways out of the crisis. During this meeting they will find out that their public identities will be at stake...


Rita Verdonk (Inga Zimprich- Martin Di Peco)
Serves as Minister without Portfolio for Integration and Immigration in the of current Dutch government. Verdonk is a member of the liberal VVD. She has developed a reputation as a hardliner on immigration issues. She is one of the boldest ministers, applauded by many as a strong leader but criticized by others for hard and uncompromising policies. Although her political views on subjects other then immigration and integration are still unclear she is a likely candidate. Shortly after announcing she would be candidate RTL-news reported that 56% of the people would like to see her as the leader of the VVD.

Hirshi Ali (Daniela Paes Leao - Jane Brodie)
born Ayaan Hirsi Magan 13 November 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia, is a Dutch feminist and politician. She is a prominent, often controversial author, film maker and critic of Islam. She was a member of the Tweede Kamer (the Lower House of the States-General of the Netherlands) for the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) from January 30, 2003 until May 16, 2006.
Hirsi Ali has had to maintain a high level of security due to threats against her life for voicing views critical of certain aspects of Islam.

Muslim Organizations (Jeanne van Heeswijk- Daniel Goldaracena)
The Moroccan and Turkish governments exercise substantial control over religious matters in the Netherlands through an official Turkish organization and a network of Moroccan social organizations. The relations with the state were insufficient to deal with the issues of the Muslim community. Since the Van Gogh murder, there has been an attempt to remedy this with the creation of a union of Dutch Imams to negotiate important issues with the state. Two new organizations were recently recognized by the state, CGI (Contact Groep Islam), which represents some 115,000 Muslims, and CMO (Contactorgaan Moslems en de Overheid), which already represents 500,000 Muslims and is attempting to represent the entire population in the Netherlands.

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