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saturday, june 3 2006
Amsterdam GMT 18hs
Buenos Aires GMT 13hs

Chatheater is staging global conversations on real time.
Language: English in the main chatroom and on the blog.

Chatheater uses msn messenger 7.5 ( if you don't have it, please download it for free at:
The coordinators can be reach for any consult about the session trough Skype 2.0 ( if you don't have it, please download it for free at:
skype adresses: maurits96 and piotorroja

Please add to your MSN contact list the following adress:
Wait till be invited to the main chat room.

At 17.30 PM Amsterdam time, (12.30 PM Buenos Aires), the coordinators will begin to invite you to the main chat room for a warming up and present the teams.

It will be divided in two parts.
In the first one, a blog on the issue will be collectively developed by chat conversations. A bloggers team
In the second, the scenario informed by the blog will be played as a simulation in a chat channel. The actors will play characters previously assigned.
They will be based in Ijburg and wll be assessed by participants in Buenos Aires.


You will find two blogs:
"a new political reality" where the blogger's team will post their entries and "chatheater" where all the participants can find material on the issue.
The first half an hour will be dedicated to produce a blog on line.

The bloggers team will do the:
Newsgathering on the proposed issue.
Developing of an scenario for the improvisation.
The blog will be following the alternatives at the main chat room and trying to influence it.

The actors team will take part on an improvisation of characters derived build upon the specific scenario proposed by the blog.

Recording your conversations at the end of the session.!!!!
To do this, go to the chat window, browse on "file" and then click on "save as" . Your conversation will be saved in the rich text format.
Please send us your conversation files and comments for the final editing of the session to:

Thanks for participate in chatheater!

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